Wednesday, 12 December 2012

pre graduation dinner

The night best ever after staying here for almost 6 month..yeah..actually this is not our dinner ..we just go there as sponsorship exco which we managing the gift n hamper for the guest n winner. We also doing thousand of sevouniar for that night!!!!! Even have to burn our midnight oil but its still give me new xperience n best memories.. with the colour block theme we totally rock the night..

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

hanging out

wooaahhaaaa ~
unbelievable !my coach gave us one day leave !!
no training  !!! jyeeaahhhh ~
so ..after almost a couple of week im facing the courtt ,,
as a human i think i better seeking some place to go out ..
yeaahhh ..hanging out with new buddies
hurrmmm ..not really bad ..
and .......finally we lost
 unintendedly we 'toured' this district
ngeeeeeee ..felt awesome !
hahahhaa ..and my money also awesomely flying without wing ..
yet was not a big deal as long as im happy

buddies =)
me with ekin :)
sara and me :)

# tata :)

tiring week

last week was a tiring weekk ...aargghhh ..yess !very tired
since im participating in KARISMA (karnival sukan mahasiswa)
so ..i gotta go to the training every night and day  ..
pheewww ..yeah ..all about to win in that competition
and .........finally we lost ..hahahaha ..yeah ~nothing to do then ..
but still quite good because we manage to took part to the quarter final ..
                                  yeeaahhh ~ i thought ..ngeeeeeee =)

nvm least we tried our best .. love VOLLEY BALL !

Monday, 15 October 2012

my cat

hahah ..what an anoyying title
just like writing  essay in standard one ..
hurrmm ..whuteva lha~

my cat ..a pussy cat..named TOMOK
urm ..i went back home ysterday found that he's so thin
we fmly  of course la feel very sad ..
THE ONLY  annoying cat in my house
he cant move actively like before...
not eat not reply us ..urm..and found him difficult to 'meow'
pity him :( my lazy cat ..
my mum told me to bring him to the vet clinic today ..
since yesterday was sunday  closed
hurmm ..cant accompany them ..
hey tomok ,hear me ! get well soon yea ?

be strongg my beybie boo !

thats all for this entry ..and psssttt
*seriously im felling weird and a bit immature on this post ..hahaha
all about mgt 417 sake ..ngeee~

Saturday, 6 October 2012

kelantan 1-0 selangor

hahah ..not about the game actually
but about my friend .. my housemate
mek -kelantanese ..
hahah ..we watched the match  together-gether..
and what surprising !!
she always raises her hand(pray)  while watching ..
n when i turn my head to her ..
omg ~her face was shocking winkled
hahaha ..what an obsession ..
aigooooo ~ so funny . . .

ouhhh ..btw ..congrte yea to klantanse n you mek =)

jyeaahhh .. go on dude ~

Thursday, 4 October 2012

im coming home =)

headache~ouucchhh ..
*okey..overdoes ..
not very sure why my head is so pain ..
but one thing that im really2 sure is
 MISS my mum  BADLY ~
sob .. sob ..

yeahh ..felt empty . .
actually this is not the 1st time getting far from her
but ..u know ..mum's fondness ..
cant find anywhere ~
treat us well ..concern on everything !
*also mumbling well..hehe
but its all for our sake ,right ?
miss all that ..

hurrrrmmm ..soooo
by hook or by crook
i want to go back this week
no matter how , no matter what ..
ill overcome the obstacle ! *hehe
wait for me mum ~

my superduper fierce mummy .. grrrrrr ~

im coming home ,im coming home
tell the world im coming home ~
let the rain wash away
all the pain of yesterday

thats all ..tata :)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012


 holla everybody ! nothing to share for today..... just feel like peeking
this lovely blog before going to hit the sack.. *wink wink

FAREWELL . last two days i went  to KOMPLEKS TABUNG HAJI 
in klana jaya for sending my dearest dad to perfom hajj...
thanks God ..he was chosen as Your guest !

my feelings . . . .
quite sad ~ since this is the first time he left us behind for a long time ..*almost 2 month yoouuu~
felt happy ~ dad permitted by HIM on this such early time.
a bit worries ~ thinking bout mum n brothers after this on without his charge ...
*yeah ...this proved that u are always needed  dad ..alwaysss ~
sob... sob...

anywayyss ~ i as his daughter will always pray for him.
no matter how he's now
where he is ..and what is he doing right now .

tata abi :)*man in grey(middle) .. gonna miss you .. sob sob

 DAD ..may God bless on u ..and i hope u can perform ur hajj well.
and ill pray for  u all the time ..insyaAllah ..
and  wish you can grap the chance to get the 'mabrur hajj' .
love u dad .. *hugkiss